Carmen’s Law, Chapter 2


Two weeks had gone by.  The autumn was coming to an end and the crisp fall nights turned frigid and cold.  Carmen sat on her couch, curled up in a blanket, reading.  Well, at least, trying to read.  Each time she would start on a sentence her mind would drift off and she would start thinking about Alex.  They still hadn’t had sex.  But the closeness was there.  It was only a matter of time, thought Carmen.  It felt right to wait a bit longer in this situation.  No rush.  Ok, thought Carmen, just a few more pages. Focus.  But inevitably, her thoughts drifted back to that same place.

Carmen heard her phone vibrating while she was taking a shower.  She got out, dried herself off, and checked it.  A text message from Alex.  She was expecting it.  It was a few days after they had last done something together – three days, that’s how long it always takes for them to build up the courage! Anyways, she was glad to hear from him.  God knows she had spent enough time thinking about it.

“How r u?”

How r u?  Carmen laughed aloud.  What a geek!  He was sweet though.  She responded back “Doing good. How are you?”

“Good.  Want to meet up tonight?”

“Sure, come over to my place at 7” replied Carmen.

So maybe the night was coming sooner than she expected.  Carmen could feel that this would be the night where they finally unveiled their passion for one another.  Since that night where they almost got together, the sexual tension had been unbearable and exquisite.  Whenever they spent time together it was like a crescendo building steadily towards this night.  Carmen actually felt slightly nervous.  This, for one, was the first time she had invited someone over to her own apartment.  She felt like that was an important step in some way.  It was easier to enter into a sexual relationship when there was no stakes.  Doing so with a guy she thought she might like seriously could be a huge gamble.  What if they didn’t have any chemistry?  But Carmen knew that this wouldn’t be the case.  Their bodies had fit together so well the other time.  And their physical chemistry when they were together was undeniable.  Carmen could picture herself being naked in bed with Alex so easily, and the thought excited her.  Above all, Carmen did not remember the last time she had felt so happy.


Later that night, Carmen peered out her window and saw Alex pull up in front of her house.  She felt butterflies in her stomach unlike anything she had experienced recently.  It had started to snow lightly.  Carmen’s doorbell rang.  The moment of truth.  She ran down her front stairs and unlocked the door for Alex, who stepped inside.  Carmen led Alex upstairs to her apartment and into the kitchen, where she had prepared a small dinner for the two of them.

“I hope you haven’t eaten anything yet.  Are you hungry?” she asked Alex.

“Oh yea, I’m hungry.” he replied.

“Good thing, because I’m starving.”

They sat down together at the kitchen table and ate their dinner, sharing a bottle of wine.  Carmen had been worried that things might be a little awkward between the two of them, but they weren’t.  Their conversation flowed casually and Carmen felt extremely at ease.  When they finished eating, Carmen picked the plates up off the table and walked over to the sink to wash them.  As she turned on the tap she could feel Alex walking up behind her.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and started kissing her exposed back and neck.  Carmen quivered lightly as Alex worked his way around the side of her neck and started kissing her ear.  Carmen spun around so Alex and her bodies were pressed together.  She started kissing Alex passionately while running her hands through his hair.  Alex lifted Carmen up off the ground and sat her on the countertop.  They kissed passionately while Alex ran his strong hand up Carmen’s thighs and under her skirt.  Carmen became excited as Alex ran his fingers around her pussy and then slowly put his fingers inside of her.  She moaned loudly as Alex moved in and out of her more quickly. Carmen bit down on Alex’s shoulder while he had his fingers inside of her and massaged her clit with his thumb.


Alex picked Carmen up off of the counter and carried her, their tongues still intertwined together, into her room, setting her down on the bed.  Carmen walked over to Alex and unbuttoned his pants.  She pulled them slowly to the ground before working her way back up and teasing Alex’s erect penis with her tongue.  She put the head of his penis into her mouth and worked it with her tongue.  Alex groaned as she wrapped her lips around his manhood.  Carmen fell back into the bed, pulling Alex on top of her.  His weight felt wonderful on her body, and Carmen shivered as she ran her hands down his prominent shoulder blades, down his taunt back muscles before resting on his tight ass.  All the while, Alex had entered inside of Carmen – her whole body wrapped in an all-encompassing heat shared between them.  Alex was a forceful and tender lover at the same time, switching between the two without notice.  One moment they would be hardly moving, wrapped together, feeling each other’s pulses and the warmth of each other’s bodies, silently breathing, and then  Alex would start moving inside of her more quickly, building up a mutual orgasm that took both of them suddenly and pulled both of them into a frenzied ecstasy.

The next morning, Carmen woke up to fix some coffee.  She watched Alex breathing peacefully in his sleep, sprawled across her bed.  Looking at him, Carmen felt an unflinching bond.  For the first time in as long as she could remember, she was not afraid to feel a real romantic tenderness towards someone.  She wondered how their relationship would develop, and resolved to let her heart forge a path forward into the unknown.


Carmen’s Law


Carmen awoke from her long Saturday morning slumber with light beaming through her window, warm and bright.  She basked in the streaks of sun, stretching herself out in bed.  After an extremely busy week, she was happy to spend the morning finally relaxing, without a care or stress in her thoughts.  She finally rolled out of bed and walked into the kitchen, turning on her coffee maker and sitting down at the table, opening up her morning newspaper.  Carmen had spent the last several weeks, delightfully so, meeting up with figures from her past for abrupt romantic interludes.  She was happy having these men come back into her life suddenly, but each time, when they left her life just as suddenly, she was hit with a pang of nostalgia and sadness.  Carmen wondered if she missed the stability of a long-term partner – if she had come to rely on Matt so much that she would be unable to break out of a relationship’s cycle of comfort and familiarity.  These thoughts had troubled Carmen recently – she could have sex (wonderful sex!) with as many handsome men as she wanted, and though the thought of a sexy man like Charles holding her and kissing her roughly all over made her feel deeply aroused even now, she wondered if she should be looking for something more.  She then pushed these thoughts from her mind – love has a way of finding you when you aren’t looking for it.  When the time is right, Carmen would fall madly in love again, and until that day arrived, she could only go with the flow, living a full, happy life filled with wonder, discovery, and excitement.  Therefore, Carmen resolved that, at least for a little while, she would stop reaching out to her former flings – she would let them gravitate to her instead, or perhaps even meet new people.

On a dark, rainy night, Carmen walked, drenched to the core, through a tree-lined neighborhood filled with huge, elaborate homes and fancy sports cars.  She did not know exactly where she had ended up.  Carmen had gone for a walk, taken a route she was not used to, and ended up in this mysterious, decadent area of town.  She looked at her phone to try and determine her location, but the rain beat heavily down on the screen.  Sighing, Carmen kept walking, hoping that she would recognize a landmark soon. A luxury sedan eventually drove past her, slowing down and pulling up next to the sidewalk.  A man rolled down the passenger’s seat window and looked out at Carmen.

“Hey, I don’t normally do this, but you’re soaking wet.  Do you need a ride somewhere?  I’m not a creep, I promise”

Carmen looked into the car hesitantly.  She did not like the idea of jumping into a strange man’s car, yet she really was completely soaked through, and there was something about this man’s face, a candidness, an honesty, that made her trust him.

“I’ll ruin your leather upholstery though!”

“Don’t worry about the car!  I don’t care about my car.  Come on, hop in.  Where do you live?”

Carmen opened the passenger side door and sat down.  She looked over at the driver.  He was a relatively young man, in his mid-twenties, with sandy blond hair, heavy eyebrows, a classically well-structured face, and wearing a nice, expensive suit.

“I’m Alex.  I know it’s a bit weird to get in my car like this, but honestly, I just want to give you a ride home!  What’s your name?”


“Alright Carmen, where do you live?”

“Actually, do you want to go get a drink?  I owe you one.”

So Alex drove to a local bar – a very fancy spot with waiters wearing tuxedos and walking around carefully as to not bother the patrons.  Alex and Carmen sat awkwardly at a small table, well-lit by the looming street lamps outside.  They sat, chatting uncomfortably, for a half hour, without being seen by one of the waiters.

“Well…are the waiters going to come? I’m cold.  I could really use that drink,” said Carmen.

“I have an idea,” responded Alex, “why don’t we get the hell out of here?  I hate stuffy places like this.  Why don’t we just go back to my place?  I have a nice bottle of scotch I’ve been waiting to open up.”

Carmen felt comfortable with Alex.  He seemed extremely kind, and therefore she did not hesitate in her agreement.  They left the bustling, intricate bar and went back to Alex’s place.  He lived in a giant loft-space filled with expensive-looking furniture and artwork.


“Beautiful place,” said Carmen.  “Oh, this stuff?  Yeah, I don’t really care that much about it.  But I’m a lawyer so I have to maintain illusions about my lifestyle.  Really I like just hanging out, drinking a glass of good booze, and watching a movie or reading a book.”  Alex took off his jacket and walked over to his bar while Carmen settled herself on his plush couch.  Alex poured two tumblers of scotch and walked back over to Carmen, setting them down on the coffee table. “So?” said Alex, “Why’d you come over here?  I didn’t expect that you’d want to come over to a total stranger’s house.”  “There’s something about you that seems very kind, I’ve never felt threatened – you seem very laid-back and nice.”  Alex looked intently into Carmen’s eyes – feeling shy for the first time, Carmen turned away, laughing, but when she turned back, Alex was still looking at her.  “You know, I have to admit, I did have a bit of an alterior motive when I picked you up…you’re a very beautiful lady.”  Carmen felt flushed at the compliment. “You’re not so bad yourself.”  Alex leaned over towards Carmen, and Carmen accepted as he kissed her.  Their lips locked for several moments. “Is this too quick?” asked Alex.  “No…it’s ok, this feels right for some reason.”  So they kissed for several moments longer and slowly descended onto the couch together, their bodies, arms and tongues intertwining tenderly.  Alex kissed Carmen’s ear (which drove her crazy!) and her neck, and she unbuttoned his crisp dress shirt and felt his strong, toned upper body under his clothes.  Alex then unbuttoned her blouse and kissed down the front of her chest until he reached her stomach, before moving back up and lightly kissing around her breasts and nipples.  Carmen could feel Alex’s manhood becoming hard through his pants as it pressed up against her.  She could feel herself becoming incredibly aroused as he held the arch of her back, kissing her hard on the lips with their tongues moving together sloppily.  Alex went down to unbutton Carmen’s pants and start pleasuring her with his strong, masculine hands, but she stopped him.

“Hey Alex, listen…we should stop.  I think you’re really nice and I would love to do this. But let’s wait for another time, ok?”

“Oh, of course that’s no problem.  Well…how about I give you a ride home, for real this time, and maybe we can meet up again later this week?”

“That sounds lovely.”

As Alex drove her home, Carmen felt a real sense of accomplishment.  Sure, her carnal desires had not been satisfied in her meeting with Alex, but then again, she felt like she might really like him, and did not want to rush things by moving faster than they needed to. She was proud that she was able to see this objectively, and happy that Alex was not upset by her decision.  When they reached the front of Carmen’s house, she gave him her phone number and they kissed tenderly before she left the car.  She entered her apartment full of giddy happiness and looked out her window.  Alex was still waiting to make sure that she got inside.  Perhaps this was the start of a new love?  A love that had found her, suddenly and without warning, walking through a dark and rainy night.

Carmen – Wild Streak, Chapter 2

When the backstage lights shot on suddenly, Carmen and Luke were in the throes of a long and passionate kiss.  The venue, an old extravagant theatre,  sat nestled in an obscurely hidden spot of the city, close to the dingy little rock n’ roll bar that Carmen and Luke had first met years before.  But time had passed, and now hundreds of people were showing up for his show; a reunion tour for Luke’s band.

The summer night beat heavily down, setting everyone into a furious excitement.  It was an electric night.  The hapless tour manager quickly backed out of the green room and shut the door, loudly muttering apologies for having walked in unannounced. Carmen and Luke shared a tender laugh before looking back into each other’s eyes and sliding back into a passionate embrace.   Their bodies and minds hot, and their lips and faces pressed tightly together.  The both of them dizzy and still panting with exhaustion from their sudden re-acquaintance, Luke hesitated, stumbled and then finally got up to pull his t-shirt back on.

“Well, I’m already late. Better get out on stage before this crowd starts a riot.”

Luke grabbed his jeans from beside the door, quickly hopped into them and rushed out into the hallway and as he opened the door Carmen could hear the crowd loudly cheering.  She sprawled back on the couch and lit up a cigarette, satisfied.  The weekend could not have gone better.  Invigorated, Carmen got up, dressed herself, and went out to watch the show.


Earlier in the day, when Carmen opened up her morning newspaper, to scan the entertainment section for good film to go see on a lazy Saturday afternoon, she accidentally glanced over at an ad for an upcoming concert that she immediately knew would be better than anything playing in at the cinema.


“So he hasn’t even changed his band name after all this time.”


She chuckled to herself and reflected.  “Just my luck… it’s tonight!”


Later that evening, after she had showered and tossed her hair, pulled on a sexy short black dress with big black boots and her faded jean jacket, Carmen took a cab to Crazy Luke’s show.


There was no time to get in-touch with Luke, so she decided to go early in hopes that she might be able to run into him before they played.  When she arrived at the elegant old theatre, she was surprised at just how many people were already waiting in line.  She wasn’t about to join them, so decided to grab a quick latte at a café on the other side of the street and come up with a plan.


After sweetening her latte, she sat down on a stool looking back out on the theatre, as security began checking the tickets of the hardcore kids in front.  She caught her reflection and examined herself.  In the years since her first meeting she had gone through so many changes – she was more confident and smart – yet her youthful beauty remained clear.  Any self-doubt welling in her from her split with Matt was now long gone and she could see herself objectively as a woman filled with vigor, self-worth and excitement towards a quickly unfolding and expanding life of independence.  She no longer needed to be dragged along to the show by her friend – and so Carmen finished her latte and struck back out into the street.


She skipped the line of derelicts and headed to the alleyway behind the venue with fond memories of Luke flooding back to her.  There was a big black van parked with a couple of awkward teenage girls in fishnet stockings hovering by a younger opening band smoking pot. Luke’s band had their own tour bus; but they’d likely learned from their years of playing not to keep it in such dark and dirty alleyways.


Carmen walked right by the boys and girls to the back door, then turned and asked in a sexy and sultry tone she knew no shaggy haired post-pubescent drummer could resist.


Inside and backstage, it didn’t take Carmen long to charm her way to where Luke’s band were hanging out.  She caught up with his bass player Tim, who was always a nice and funny guy; one she would’ve set up with a girlfriend long ago if he wasn’t such a heartbreaker himself.


When their conversation got to the band’s last couple weeks on-tour, he accidently let it slip that Luke had recently just gone through a bitter breakup of his own.  Carmen had to see him.


Tim said it would probably be cool if she said hello.  Though Luke can be moody and usually likes to be left alone before they play, Tim was sure her presence wouldn’t be a bad thing…


“Dude could use the pick me up.  Plus, it’s been forever since we’ve been back in town and I want this place to roar tonight.  Please, I want you to go say hi and cheer that fucker up!”


So she walked over to their green room and knocked.


“Go away.”

She made sure to knock again, but this time in an old code that she and Luke had made up years before.  One that she couldn’t believe she had just forgotten.


There was a pause.  She hesitated with her clenched fist hovering next to door., her lips pursed, and her knees starting to tremble as though she was one of those little girls from the alleyway again.


The door flew open, and then there was Luke… his black hair just as long and reckless as she remembered, his chiseled and unshaven face, pouty lips, but with new tattoos, a body even better than before and a pair of sad looking eyes.


She couldn’t help herself.  She instantly moved in.  First by putting her left hand up next to his cheek, then with an empathetic but longing stare into his eyes, and finally with a forceful kiss as she pulled him next to her.


All that she said was “This is happening;” with a short turn of coming-up-for-air between their rough lip bites and tongue tasting.  He immediately understood.


Luke picked her up as she wrapped her arms around his muscular neck and tied her legs above his belt.  He slammed the door shut and carried her to a table with a modest amount of uneaten food and perched her on the edge.  As she stroked her fingers in his messy black hair he pulled off her black boots with his left hand and hiked up her sexy short black dress with his right; their lips never unlocking.

She furiously grabbed for his belt buckle, hurting the top of her hand on it as she yanked out his belt and threw it across the room.  She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his handsome cock as he played her clitoris.

The stroked each other while struggling to tear off the other’s clothes.  Somehow Luke tripped backwards as his jeans got stuck by his feet, and the two crashed hard to the floor.

“You alright?” She asked.


With Carmen’s jean jacket off, Luke pulled her dress up over her head and caressed her breasts.  He licked her nipples slowly while staring deep into her eyes and then threw her onto the couch.

He kicked off his sneakers and pants as she pulled off her panties, moved on top of her.  He slid down to her clitoris and kissed.  He let a couple fingers slide inside of her while adding a thumb to his embraces, and the occasional reckless but caring glance up to her face. …


Carmen – Wild Streak


Sunday rolled around, and the sad realization surfaced in Carmen that Charles would be leaving her to go on the road with his basketball team.  Driving Charles to the airport, Carmen thought that she would feel sadness when he got out of the car and disappeared from her life again, but instead, she was left with sensations of satisfaction and contentment.  The loose ends between them had been tied up in an ideal way.  Carmen felt a sense of pride that she had acted on her fantasies, and had gone through with them.  She wondered if she would see Charles again, but then pushed the thought from her mind.  It didn’t matter to her.  He would hold a place in her thoughts forever.

With the success of her latest venture fresh on her mind, Carmen returned home.  Soon her mind started drifting to all of her former lovers, and she wondered with a mischievious grin who she would contact next.  Her first thought was of Luke.

When she knew Luke, she was at her wildest stage.  Carmen had just finished college where she had dedicated her whole life to academics and study.  The natural progression was a period of rebellion. She went out with her friends all the time.  When her friends did not feel like going out, she went out by herself and made knew ones.  She went to bars, clubs, concerts.  One evening, one of her new friends, Sasha, invited her to a rock show in a seedy bar in a part of town Carmen was not familiar with.  Carmen spent a long time determining which of her outfits was most suitable for going to a hardcore rock show.

When Carmen and Sasha arrived at the show, Carmen could immediately tell that she was in for a crazy ride.  A wildly eccentric crowd of punks and rockers milled outside the club smoking cigarettes and bantering loudly.  Carmen’s briefly felt out of place – but her thoughts were quickly washed away as Sasha assuredly led her by the hand inside.  Carmen and Sasha had a few drinks and the show started.  The crowd went wild as the band came out, and Carmen’s eyes were immediately caught by the lead singer.  He was the polar opposite of any person Carmen had ever known or been attracted to in college.  His long black hair flowed down his face and whipped around his head as he yelled lyrics into the microphone.  He wore a sleeveless black t-shirt so that his heavily tattooed arms, glistening with perspiration from his frantic act, were exposed.  He had a rugged, classically handsome face with heavy-lidded eyes and large, pouty lips.  There was something so dynamic about him.  Something so attractive about him that Carmen could not put her finger on.  Maybe it was that he looked so rugged, so dirty and wild and care-free comparative to the more clean-cut, straight-laced men she had found attractive thusfar in her life.  Given Carmen’s new rebellious streak, she determined that she would meet him after the show.  When the band finished, it was Carmen’s turn to grab Sasha by the hand and drag her through the crowd, up to the stage.  The band was in the process of packing up their equipment.  Carmen reached out and grabbed the singer by the ankle of his pants.

“Hi.  My name’s Carmen.  You don’t know me.  Can my friend and I hang out with you? You were really great out there.”

The singer looked at her, puzzled for a second.  He looked Carmen and Sasha over.

“You guys seem alright.  Come on back stage, we’re going to hang out for a while.”

The singer reached out and took Carmen’s hand and pulled her on stage, then reached out and did the same for Sasha.  They followed the singer backstage as he pushed open a door and they entered to find a wild party already fully in swing.  The rest of the band sat around a table smoking cigarettes, pouring shots and slugging back beers.

“What are your names again?” Luke asked.  Carmen felt insulted for a second before realizing that this probably was not the first time girls had invited themselves back stage at one of his shows.  “Carmen, and this is Sasha.  What’s your name?”  The singer looked at her for a second, trying to read her. “My band name, or my real name?” he responded.  “Either….both?”  Carmen hoped she wasn’t acting like a total square.  “My band name is Crazy Luke.  My real name is just Luke.”  Luke laughed and handed Carmen, and then Sasha, a beer and a shot.  “Well, drink up.”

Later that night the room had thinned out.  Sasha had gone home some time ago.  The only people remaining were Luke, Carmen and a bunch of other women hoping to get some one-on-one time with Luke.  When they realized that he was occupied talking with Carmen, they angrily left.  Carmen was so entranced in her conversation, and with Luke, that she did not even notice the room become empty.  When the door slammed with the last people leaving, she grabbed her things to follow.  “Well, I guess I should be going too.  It’s been a long night.”  As she got up off the couch Luke grabbed her hand lightly.  “You could go…or you could just stay here.”  “But, Luke, we can’t stay here, are we even allowed to?”  “, not really, but I mean, I do it all the time.  Saves me hotel money and I don’t have to find somewhere to crash.  They don’t really care.  I know the guy who owns this place anyways.”


That evening, as they lay down together on the couch, Carmen felt irresistibly attracted to Luke. Carmen was excited to find that Luke was as dynamic a lover as he was a singer. She had never met someone who seemed so sure of himself and so experienced.  The way he touched her and put his fingers inside of her.  They spun around in the couch, kissing, while exploring each other’s bodies.  Carmen liked the way Luke’s toned body fit against hers, and liked the rough and confident way he kissed her.  They rolled onto the floor together, laughing, and Carmen pulled off her top.  Luke immediately started kissing her chest, stomach and breasts.  Luke put his hand behind Carmen’s head and kissed her hard while undoing her belt and then pulling down her jeans.  When he put himself inside of her, Carmen felt an explosive surge course through her body.  The warmth of his cock inside of her drove her into a frenzy and Luke, sensing Carmen’s wild outburst, started fucking her harder.  They rolled around on the ground, entwined together, knocking over empty beer bottles and microphone stands.  Carmen could feel a wild orgasm coming, one that encapsulated her wild night and wild couple of months.  When she came, she felt a sense of relief that she had broken out of her shell, done something she never could have imagined herself doing.

Lying together on the sticky venue floor, Carmen and Luke looked at each other intensely.  They might not be able to ever fall in love with each other, but Carmen and Luke had forged a bond, a connection that would lead to their reunion years down the line.

Carmen, Chapter 3


Carmen turned to her laptop and logged onto Facebook.  She had no trouble finding Charles, and was startled to discover that he had over one-hundred thousand followers.  When she examined his profile, Carmen was taken aback to discover that Charles had developed an even bigger following of pretty women than he had in college – in fact, he was one of the more eligible bachelors in North America.  Charles had made something of his talents, Carmen had thought to herself.  She had always assumed that after college Charles would become an accountant, or lawyer, something unexciting and safe.  How wrong she had been.  Charles, according to some sleuthing on the internet, was a well-established professional basketball player who had made his mark in the pro ranks for over 10 years.  It startled Carmen that she had no knowledge of Charles’ rise to fame – but then again, the only time she had ever really watched basketball was in those college days, admiring Charles’ masculine grace on the court, his perfect sense of rhythm and forcefulness as he weaved through other players, sinking a basket effortlessly.

Carmen felt deflated as she left her apartment, walking down her street with a light drizzle of rain slowly soaking through her blouse.  She had built the fantasy of Charles up in her mind, and now it seemed that it would remain a fantasy.  How could she possibly get in contact with a celebrity like Charles?  And if she did get in contact, what would she even say?  Would Charles even remember her?

Defeated, Carmen met her friend Paula at a nearby café.  Carmen and Paul had kept in touch since college, but had stopped spending as much time together when Carmen moved in with Matt.  They sat down at a small table near the front window looking onto the street, sipping lattes.

“So?  How are things now that you and Matt have split up?  It’s nice to see you.  It feels like it’s been a really long time,” said Paula.

“Things have been getting better.  I’m finally pretty much settled into my new space.”

Carmen used her stirring stick to spin pointless circles in her coffee.

“I’m just going to come out and ask,” said Carmen, “do you remember Charles?  Have you kept in touch with him since college?”

“On and off.  I see him when he’s in town sometimes.  He and Jake have stayed friends.”   Paula looked at Carmen mischievously. “Oh don’t tell me.  Well, it makes sense.  You guys were a hot couple in college.”

“Even though we don’t see each other that often, you can still read me like a book,” said Carmen, smiling.

“Well listen,” continued Paula, “Let me talk to Jake.  I think Charles’ team might be visiting town soon.  Maybe we can all go see the game and go out for drinks afterwards.”

Two weeks later, Carmen found herself in a familiar position, sitting in packed bleachers with her friends watching Charles run up and down the basketball court.  Charles had aged gracefully.  He looked almost the same, except more toned and muscular.  He was clean-shaven now, and his hair a bit shorter, but otherwise, he looked almost the same as he did in Carmen’s late-night fantasies.

Perhaps she was imagining it, or fantasizing again, but Carmen was sure that at one point during the game she saw Charles look up at her in the stands and smile knowingly, just as he had during their days together in college.  Carmen felt a deep and fulfilling warmth fill her breast when Charles looked at her.

After the game, Carmen found herself waiting outside with Jake and Paula.  After waiting for half an hour, Charles finally came out and met with them.  After Paula and Jake said their hellos, they made up a half-baked excuse about having to suddenly leave, and Carmen found herself alone with Charles.

3392237-hot-anal-bdsm-pic-featuring-gorgeous-hooters-collegeCarmen and Charles stood close together and Carmen could feel the magnetic draw of Charles’ body.  Nothing had changed between them physically.  Their bodies had grown slightly older yet the indescribable spark between them was as strong as ever.  Charles pulled Carmen close and she rested her face on his steely mid-section, sighing as a constant stream of both nostalgia and relief flowed through her.  They hardly spoke nor did they need to.  Charles hailed a cab and they got in together.  Carmen gave her address and as soon as the cab started moving Charles leaned in and kissed her.  His lips tasted and felt like they always had, and Carmen felt like she was living a scene from a movie.  This was completely surreal, she thought.  How could feelings that had not seen light in years and years still exist so strongly?

They left the cab and walked up into Carmen’s apartment and Charles started kissing Carmen immediately.  As she remembered so fondly, he had to bend over almost completely to reach her lips, yet seemed more than eager to do so.  Charles pushed Carmen up against the wall and they kissed vigorously, their tongues touching lightly at first and then more roughly.  Carmen kissed Charles’ strong chest and abs, then worked her way down and undid his belt and unzipped his pants.  Charles was already hard and as Carmen pulled his cock out of his pants, she could remember how it looked and felt exactly.  Filling to the brim with nostalgia and pleasure, Carmen lightly licked the tip of Charles’ member while holding the shaft firmly before wrapping her mouth around it to the sounds of Charles moaning quietly.  After a bit, Charles lifted Carmen up in his broad arms and carried her onto the couch.  He bent Carmen over the armrest and slowly inserted himself inside of her.  The combination of familiarity and forgotten sensation filled Carmen’s body with an incredible heat that she could hardly contain.  She felt herself moaning loudly and uncontrollably while Charles fucked her from behind.  Charles then sat down on the couch and Carmen eagerly mounted him.  Their pleasure was so in tune, so combined.  They had not forgotten the depths of passion that had driven their relationship through college, and to this point.  Carmen rode Charles roughly, and then more roughly as she could feel her orgasm coming.  Normally Carmen’s orgasms crept up on her, building slowly, but already her whole body felt both numb and filled with ecstasy. She had never felt anything so strong, like an orgasm without an ending.  Finally, she felt as Charles came inside of her, and like the last firework of a long summer display, she let out one final, exquisite moan, before they slumped together on the couch, gasping in unison the breaths of lovers re-united.

Carmen, Chapter 2

It had been a few weeks since Carmen had moved out, and things were getting easier.  Her thoughts of Matt were more infrequent, and in fact, other men were starting to take Matt’s place in her dreams and fantasies; people whom she had not really thought of in years – old boyfriends, flings, lovers.  Perhaps, briefly, they had entered her thoughts while she was with Matt, but she had always felt guilty thinking about them.  Now she could close her eyes and let her imagination run wild. Carmen opened her eyes.  She realized that she need no longer just think and imagine: she could re-connect with these people without any consequences or hurt feelings.  Carmen turned to her laptop and logged onto Facebook.  She decided that she would start by searching for Charles.


When Carmen met Charles, they were both attending University in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada.  Carmen would notice Charles walking self-assuredly around campus, usually surrounded by a small group of pretty Freshmen girls.  Charles’ arrogance annoyed Carmen – she assumed that he thought he was the best looking, smartest guy at the university.  The problem was that Charles was in fact very handsome – he wore his longish blond hair tucked under a baseball cap – the shadow from the cap hid Charles’ delicate yet masculine features. His eyes were deep blue and his nose and jaws sharp, with sandy blond stubble that never seemed to turn fully into a beard.

Charles was the star of the university’s basketball team, and sometimes Carmen would sneak into the gym to watch his games.  He was very tall and seemed to control the game by himself, effortlessly winning the match for his team.  Carmen would watch him leave the court after his game wiping the sweat from his brow with a small white towel.  She imagined him undressing and showering in the locker room – the thought of the steam and hot water gliding across his fit body excited her.  She would try to stop herself from having these thoughts about Charles, but then she would think about him holding her in his muscular, toned arms, and she would imagine her face pressed against his chest, or he would imagine him, because he was so tall, having to lean over to kiss her, and she would get excited again.




As she finished unpacking the last of the cardboard boxes, Carmen examined her new apartment.  It was much smaller than she was used to, having just left the cluttered luxury of the place Matt and her had slowly turned into their home over 5 years. The idea of exploring a life of total independence seemed scary at first, but now Carmen felt a strong urge to get out into the world again.  Carmen looked at herself in the stand-up mirror.  Her wavy brown hair had become quite long, falling down her back.  Though she felt she looked a bit older, around her eyes especially, Carmen still felt confident in herself.  She remembered when someone had told her she looked like an old movie star, and with her dark eyes and pouty lips she could almost see a resemblance. Going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle for the last several years had paid off in terms of her body – she was in the best shape of her life, her already athletic build especially lean and with light muscle tone.

Carmen and Matt’s relationship had been comfortable and fulfilling for several years.  But once they decided to move into their large penthouse apartment together, Carmen started noticing warning signs.  Matt grew distant and self-involved. The intimate time that they spent together and their sexual bond dwindled away.

She recalled, feeling a sad twinge of nostalgia, the initial weeks of their relationship.  She saw in his eyes a dark intensity that made her both scared and excited.  This intensity was the thing that pulled Carmen towards him.  He spoke in a reserved way, and opened up to her even more rarely.  But when he did open up to her, the intense emotion came torrentially – like the spring storm that flooded the city on their third weekend together.

It was one of the first really hot nights of the summer.  Carmen waited for Matt on a park bench, watching the people walk by.  Thunder cracked and a heavy downpour began.  Carmen did not run for cover – in fact, she hardly even noticed the rain.  She was thinking about Matt.  Streams of water ran down her shoulder-length hair and onto her t-shirt, soaking it through and making it stick to her skin.  Matt rode towards her on his bicycle, through the dark fog of the rain.  Matt was tall, with dark brown hair. He had a strange handsomeness that did not immediately jump out.  For most women, it took time to understand the intricacies of Matt’s face, but Carmen had felt an almost immediate spark. He pulled up in front of her.

“What are you doing out here Carmen?  Aren’t you cold?  You’re soaking wet.”

Carmen looked up at Matt.  He was also soaking wet.  His thick hair stuck to his forehead.

“You told me to wait here for you.  So here I am, waiting.”

Matt looked down at his bike and then stared seriously into Carmen’s eyes.

“Well, hop on the front. Let’s get out of this rain.”


Carmen sat on the handlebars, with her back and shoulders resting on Matt as he started cycling slowly down the path. Carmen could feel Matt’s breath on her neck as they drove through the heavy downpour.

He brought them to the middle of the park where there was a tall fence, and behind it, a swimming pool. The air clung to their soaking bodies.  Matt left his bicycle lying in the grass and climbed over the fence first.  He climbed to the top with ease and then slung himself over, dropping convincingly to the ground.

Carmen climbed over, and dropped over to the other side.  The rain was still coming down hard.  Matt walked quickly to the pool and started taking off his shirt. Carmen looked on, feeling a sense of wonder.  Matt took off his pants and dove into the water.  Carmen felt a magnetic attraction to him.  After several seconds under water he surfaced. Carmen didn’t doubt for a second that she would go in. She took off her t-shirt and jeans and jumped into the water after him.

As soon as she hit the water she knew something amazing was going to happen.  She surfaced and the rain came crashing down even harder.  Carmen and Matt looked at each other for a moment, and then Matt swam towards Carmen. Carmen pulled Matt towards her and backed up against the side of the pool.

They started kissing intensely while Carmen pulled Matt closer, so his body was between her legs.  She ran her fingers through his fair and bit his lip.  It felt amazing to have his body close to hers.  He started kissing her neck and then down to her chest. He worked his way up back the other side of her neck while holding the back of her neck with his hand. Even with the rain, it was still incredibly hot out.  At any second, someone might come and find them entwined with each other. Carmen reached down and started touching Matt through his grey boxer briefs.  She felt Matt become hard as he thrust himself closer to her.  They kissed strongly while Carmen reached into Matt’s underwear and pulled his dick out. Matt kissed her nipples and bit at them lightly.  He pulled off Carmen’s underwear and started touching her.  He moved closer still and Carmen could feel his erect penis massaging her clitoris before he finally went inside her.  They stayed closer together without moving for several moments, and then started moving in harmony, Carmen’s back and ass being pushed up against the side of the pool.

Carmen and Matt climbed out of the pool and lay on the wet concrete. Matt lay on his back and Carmen climbed on top of him, straddling him.  She started riding him slowly as he thrust himself inside of her.  The rain had stopped, and the air was sticky and hot.  Carmen could feel the sweat starting to bead down her chest and forehead as she kept thrusting herself on top of Matt.  Carmen put her hands on Matt’s chest to support herself as she felt a deep intensity rising inside of her.  She looked down at Matt.  His eyes were closed as he grabbed her ass to pull her more vigorously on top of him.  They started to fuck more erratically and Carmen started touching herself as she felt her orgasm coming.  They came together in the heavy summer rain, and Carmen, not caring who might hear her, moaned loudly.  Matt moaned too, and Carmen came harder than she ever had before.

They lay together, side by side, as the rain slowly subsided to make way for the clammy evening air.  This would be the start of a long and winding relationship for Carmen, one that would end in sadness and heartbreak.  But here Carmen stood now, weeks after their split, sitting on her new hardwood floor, surrounded by a thousand boxes and memories, ready to strike out into the world and learn to be alone again.


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